Make a stand. Make a pledge. Make the change.

'Language is our culture'

At XP and XP East, we make stands against what we disagree with or what we want to see more of. We make pledges about the personal changes that we need to make as commitments to the positive changes that we want to see. We are opening up this idea to the people of Doncaster.

Make a stand

Make a pledge

See the change

Our Expedition

XP East opened in September 2017. We are part of the XP Trust of Schools in Doncaster. We focus relentlessly on quality of work and character growth.

Our 2nd Y7 expedition of 2017/18 will promote the values of making stands in order to make our community a better place. Our students will present to the people of Doncaster at the Frenchgate shopping centre, and they will encourage them to make stands and make pledges of their own.

XP East students will then transform their pledges into digital posters that can be promoted across social media channels.

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